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The doxo System Has More Warnings, So Users Pay Bills on Time

June 21, 2019

Among the best features of the doxo bill paying system comes with its ability to make its users truly paperless. You should be warned; as a personal finance and bill paying system, doxo is at or near the top of that class. The idea behind doxo was based on the notion that paying all the monthly bills is a thankless chore that people hate to do, and it shouldn’t have to be that difficult. Its bill payment features are awesome, but there is so much more to it than that.

The doxo system was created and the company founded more than a decade ago in Seattle by idea people and venture capitalists, including the estimable Jeff Bezos of Amazon, whose Bezos Expeditions was in on the founding. As a user, you not only get a warning that a bill is due, and a notice that it's been paid, but if you want to keep track of the family's spending, you can examine each and every bill anytime they wish. The doxo system has a solid ability to upload and store all important family documents, including bills and statements, and they are always available. This “virtual file cabinet” might well be the most popular feature of the service, in part because it is unique to doxo.